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why you should your cctv system ?

  1. From cost reductions to superior performance- there are a host of reasons as to why you should upgrade your CCTV network. Read on to find out more!

  2. BETTER QUALITY One of the biggest reasons why you should upgrade your CCTV system is to maximize its footage quality. As discussed above, high definition cameras are now commonplace across the industry. HD CCTV allows dramatic jumps in the quality of both live and recorded footage.It's important to have high-resolution video to be able to check those details and have good evidence, especially if something important was recorded by the system.

  3. SUPERIOR SYSTEM INTEGRATION ,Many companies previously used to have numerous different systems to cover different purposes , now business can integrate thei POS to their new CCTV system

  4. Blind spots Depending on the type of camera, lens, and installation, you could end up with some blind spots in the area you want to monitor, so it's important to upgrade your system with cameras that can give you a better coverage

  5. Lack of storage space To have all your cameras recorded properly is necessary to have enough storage space in your recorders. If your CCTV system doesn't have much space available to record the footage, certainly you will miss some important event , with the new H.265 cctv system achieved better recording quality and over 50% bit reducion on HD records .

  6. Mobile Access .We rely on mobile technology as a part of our everyday lives. Updating your CCTV System will allow you to have mobile access to your security footage and view what’s happening in real time from your mobile device

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old camera

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new camera

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